From our origin in the 80s, we have always chosen our own course. True to the new wave and punk era in which we started. It has made HUMANOID what it is today: independent, strong and unspoken-present. Uninfluenced by hype or temporary trend. “HUMANOID just happened” according to the founders Sandra Harmsen and Hans Boelens. But there is a solid conviction at the base. The conviction that only the best natural materials and elaborate attention to detail create the finest collections. Flowing into one another from season to season. Quirky, natural fabrics make our clothes come alive. At HUMANOID designers truly work together. We build on each other’s expertise, focus and inspiration.

Each piece is initially handmade by our designers. We wear and wash it, toss it in a corner and customize it. Just to see how our clothing fits life. We always find a reason to add a detail or to leave something out. Consciously or intuitively. We create our collections with passion. There is just no other way. By staying close to what we believe in, we have become an international brand. Sold in more than 25 countries and over 500 outlets. From New York to Amsterdam, from Tokyo to Hamburg, from Sydney to Milan. We welcome women who, like us, love comfort and luxury. Women who are used to making their own decisions. Stylish people who make life special.