Freebird is an Amsterdam-based women’s fashion brand that is part of the Blosh Fashion Group. It was founded by Rob Groenteman, in 2016, as he felt the need for an exciting and unique concept with a focus on iconic dresses. Resulting in a gathering of vibrant and creative ideas embodied in a modern day women’s brand creating iconic dresses for every occasion. A young, flirty, modern day women’s brand with a high likeability, Freebird is being sold all over Europe with a growing number of 250 selling points.

We believe in creating the right dress, no matter the occasion. For each season and for every event, we have dresses that will suit your special moment. Freebird transforms every aspect of life into a perfectly fitted dress. All designs are made in-house in Amsterdam by a team of fashion experts who travel the world in search of the perfect fabrics, prints and styles. All these impressions come together in our collections that are always right on trend, while already being one step ahead.

A powerful fashion statement with only one piece of clothing, which suits both your mood and the occasion. Dare to be flirty, to be feminine, to be unique, and to be yourself. You can do whatever you want while wearing a Freebird dress.

No matter what you are doing, you’re always on the go.

Whether you are traveling from New York to Paris with friends or having casu­al lunches with a freeflow of cosmo’s at some breathtaking place in London. One thing is for sure: you’re enjoying life to the fullest.

Be soft and successful, a traditionalist and a rebel, a lover and a fighter and confident and invincible in your own way. As long as you hold on to the feeling that you that you are free as a bird and could fly out wherever and whenever you want to.

Freebird invites you to freely and fully be yourself and experience those precious moments now, with a dress for every occasion. Just fall in love with life, like a Freebird woman.