Elegantly navigating the space between understated, relaxed chic and directional statement pieces, Gestuz has become synonymous with a confident and covetable wardrobe for the modern women. With a contemporary approach to tailoring and a fresh take on Scandinavian simplicity, Gestuz offers an exciting and relevant seasonal edit of cool, sophisticated go to pieces in beautiful fabrics with unexpected details. There’s an effortless ease and subtle sensuality to the Gestuz aesthetic and its striking silhouettes, rooted in a love for pared-down, intelligent design.

These are clothes that capture the nuances of what it’s like to be a woman today for dreamers and realists alike. The Gestuz Girl is a woman, at ease with herself. A dreamer as well as realist, she beautifully balances the striking and the subdued in her look. Both traditionally feminine pieces and classic, masculine lines have a place in wardrobe and her heart, and similarly, she plays with the contrast between formal and relaxed. Her style is effortless sophisticated – the epitome of contemporary elegance.